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I really like the weekly frequency PAM. It allows teams to tackle emergent problems or address feedback without waiting for the next quarter.

Also, the Post-Launch Recap serves as a really nice accountability mechanism. It's very easy to identify success metrics and not follow through on them, or to de-prioritize data gathering to evaluate those success metrics in favor of a few more features.

Q: With such rapid scaling of the company (and of your Product organization), what pain points have begun to show up?

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Great post Farbod. Would love to know how are you guys structured with the PM org, and how it overlaps/ aligns with growth functions, if any. May be ideas for future posts. 😊

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Great post Farbod. What's a typical cadence/timebox for a team? 6 weeks? Quarterly?

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Thanks so much for your insightful article.

I have a question on estimates in the solution framing. My guess is: in order to get the buy-in from the leadership and validate the investment to be made, the engineering team must come up with some sort of plan or rough estimate to produce the final solution, is that the case ? how does that play out in this document ? do team produce some sort of GANTT chart of the epics to be completed ?

I have a second question regarding broader product initiatives for larger, transversal projects. Imagine a team identified a project that will need the involvement of multiple other teams. I think they are represented in the PAD as dependencies. Should other teams need to do a PAD on their own if that's the case ?

Again, thank you for the article!

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Very interesting approach to Product Discovery and alignment across multiple stakeholders.

I have a few questions about some of the details of this process.

How long does a product team spend working on this phase of the discovery? Is the process the same regardless of the size of an initiative? How are lessons learnt shared/documented for initiatives not built? Is there any formal process prior to the Product Alignment starts? How do teams decide what to focus on next?

Great article! Thanks for sharing.

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Are product teams accountable for the success/failure of their features, or leadership? Does this PAD meeting ritual incentivize focus on pleasing leadership or pleasing customers?

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Great post, thanks for sharing!

Here are a few things I was wondering about while reading:

- Do you use this framework for all product work, or only for big projects?

- how do you keep alignment on iterations of a certain feature? Whether it's at the planning stage, the execution, launch, or post-launch: I'm sure things often change from what was presented at the PAM.

- are PADs only used for PM alignment or do you also share them with stakeholders within the company?

Thanks again for sharing your experience and thoughts :)

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